The First Time Blogger

Where do I begin?  I keep seeing these ads and hearing about people who have started a blog who are making a lot of extra money.  So much so that some have even quit their day jobs to blog full-time.  I am not so sure I am ready to do that. I need to get out of the house and interact with other people on a regular basis which my current job definitely affords me to interact with the public daily.  Then there is the subject of health care.  I do like to have the secure feeling of knowing my husband and I have basic health-care coverage supplied through my employer.  Granted, I have to contribute to the cost, but knowing it is there as a safety net is reassuring. Therefore, I think I will continue to work at my current job and then blog as a second one.

Now to decide  what to write about?  I could write about my family.  There are many hilarious stories I could retell. As the saying goes, “You can pick your friends but not your relatives.”  I could write about our four-legged furry family members.  They are always doing something funny and cute.  Then there is my 43 years of working outside the home.  Some jobs I enjoyed, others not so much.  I could relate to my readers my experience on dealing with co-workers, bosses, clients, work-place gossip and office politics. I could write about juggling college studies, home duties, children and work —all the things that take good time management.

I think I will eventually write about all of the above.  A mixture of stories of family, friends, furry animals, work, co-workers, bosses and dealing with the public day-in and day-out.  I just wish I had my mother’s flare for writing and for poetry.  I know I will be sharing some of her wisdom and her poems throughout my postings.  I just hope I can do as fantastic of a job as I know she could have.

OK, decision on what to write is going to be a mix of topics.  Every entry will be different—a chosen topic from the previous week’s life adventure with some of my mom’s poems and prayers and tidbits of wisdom added to the mixture.

Now I have to decide what to name this blog and have decided to title it “eTulBlog.” It is a play on my married last name and also the first part of my design company’s (on paper only right now) name: “eTulDesign.”  I will have, in the near future, home-made designed “lanyards” for employee IDs available for ordering.  I just have to get the business in the production stage.  Just like this blog, it is in its infancy and will eventually evolve.